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get to know janet

A little bit about myself. I am not that photographer who has ALWAYS known that she wanted to be a photographer. In fact, I had many other dreams and aspirations before I finally landed on this one!

How did I decide that being a photographer was for me? I had our first son in December of 2006. THAT'S when I knew that I wanted to capture all of the moments that go by so quickly. I wanted to capture every smile, laugh, tear, step, fall, etc. We had an addition to our family April 2009 and welcomed our first baby girl.

I had a great friend who was willing to teach me what I needed to know about photography (Thanks KERI!). I am continuously learning. My life pretty much revolves around photography, my husband says I am obsessed!! If my kids ever become famous, they will be used to having a camera in there face ALL THE TIME!! :)

I love photography because it captures who I am as a person. I love watching and waiting for the perfect moment, to tell a story with a photograph, to make your memories last a lifetime.